Talent Program

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Step 1. Fill out the Application Below
Step 2. Send several Images of your Work to Booking@union206.com

Our application is universal for all the modelling and stylist opportunities within the studio.  You may be accepted to one or more of our programs.

Please know that not all applicants are accepted into this program.

Applications can be denied at any time during the application process. 

Union 206's Talent Program is a collective comprised of local professional Models and Stylists who have been vetted by the studio. We only select people who are serious about mastering their career, punctual, reliable, and arrive prepared. Throughout our selection process we look for a variety of genres, rate ranges, and skill sets.

There is no charge for models and stylists to apply.

Thank you for your interest in being part of Union 206 Studio's Talent Program!  These are all the sub-programs you may apply for:

Team 206
An exclusive list of Models and Stylists who are local or frequent the DMV area.  We only select the utmost industry professionals to represent Union 206.

Featured Model/Artist
We feature Models or HMUAs throughout the year with a generous promotion run by the studio to encourage members to book that month.  This is a great way to get your name out there and book several shoots.

Travelling Model/Artist
If you're in the DMV area while travelling let us know and we'll try to promote you during your visit. This is a great way to fill the gaps in your itinerary!

The studio coordinates and hosts workshops and events throughout the year.  We host a variety of themed workshops and need models and stylists to bring that theme to life!  In addition you'll be able to schedule private sessions and reap all the rewards!    

Thank you and Good Luck,
Union 206 Studios