A "home" away from home. 

Studio B is our most versatile studio!  It is our "lifestyle" room, and is staged with a living room.  The living room set consists of a couch, coffee table, and 2 bookshelves.  Switch it up by sliding the furniture around the room, pull down a paper roll and voila! Shoot on seamless backdrops!


  • 4 AlienBee 800s

  • 5 Softboxes (2 XL stripboxes, 2 large softboxes, 1 octobox)

  • 1 trigger and 2 receivers

  • Selection of additional light modifiers

  • Access to studio props and backdrops

  • Stereo with aux input connector

  • Rolling cart


Tuesdays - Sundays     $45/hour

Tuesdays - Sundays      $90/hour


Amazing value...

"...and everyone there is super friendly and helpful!

— Diti Devi"

My client was very well taken care of.

"...A tour from the (staff), greeted by the owners, and there was tea prepared for me...Yes loose fabulous tea.  My daughter coming along with me was not only totally cool but they treated her like a little sister and made her feel welcome.   I like professional yet chill and that's what this place was.

— Alix Maya Clymer

Walking into Union 206 was like a Papered Model Heaven!

"A giant, modern, CLEAN facility with knowledgeable and friendly staff.  I will be remembering this place for all the RIGHT reasons.  Wifi, central air, and rent-able motorcycles plus three massive studio spaces, I will be referring all DMV photographers here for shoots!"

— Jin n Tonic


Great images are waiting to be shot!

If your shoot includes any of the following, please contact us PRIOR to booking your shoot:

  • Shoots with 10 or more people

  • Events, including workshops

  • Potentially messy shoots (glitter, water, snow, etc.), or shoots with a lot of props, set pieces, or furniture you bring.

  • Audio. We are not a sound stage.

    Please read our FAQ and Studio Policies Pages!