Welcome to Union 206 Studio!

  Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions or need more clarification feel free to contact the studio at booking@union206.com or call during our office hours Mondays - Fridays from 10am-5pm at 202.567.7206.

General Studio Information

Do you allow Walk-ins?

Please make a reservation ahead of time! We like our sleep in the mornings & like to enjoy our evenings out of the studio if no one is scheduled and there is something more epic going on.

Scheduled Shoot = We are at the studio!

No Schoots Scheduled = Call ahead. There's a chance we let the staff have their freedom the rest of the day.

Lions, Tigers, & Bears...oh my!

Well, those kinds of animals you won't find in our studio. However, you can frequently find the staff’s friendly pups around the studio! You are welcome to bring your dogs too, please keep them leashed at all times. All other animals need to be approved by the studio PRIOR to your shoot and must have a dedicated handler.

How can I host my event at the studio?

We are happy to host industry related events, such as makeup workshops, photography lectures, and fashion shows. Please contact us via www.union206.com to start planning your event today!

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate weddings, birthdays, and parties.

I'd like to see the studio before making a reservation. Is this possible?

Yes! We even encourage it. :) The best time to come tour the studio is Monday - Friday from 11AM-5PM. We schedule our tours around the reservations, so we do not disturb them. Please give us a call at 202.567.7206 to schedule yours today!

Ugh. I don't feel like reading the fine print. What are the major rules?

You really should read your full contract. This does not void your waiver. However, here is the nutshell version.

  1. No Alcohol. No Drugs. No Weapons. No Pornography. (Yes, we will call the cops. No, we are not kidding.)
  2. No Food or Beverages are permitted within the rooms, except water.
  3. Do NOT stand, sit, run, etc. on the curve of the cyc wall.
  4. The person with the account is responsible for paying all damages.
  5. Clean up fees may be applied, if you leave it in an overly messy state.
  6. Do NOT enter studio spaces without permission from staff.
  7. Animals & Minors must have handlers at all times.
  8. Messy Shoots (oil, glitter, fog, water, etc) must be approved.
  9. Shoots with 10+ people must be approved.
  10. You must call ahead if you plan on recording audio.


What is included in my reservation?

Every studio rental includes the following:

  • Studio Room with at least 1 Hair Makeup Station
  • Private area for changing with Wardrobe Rack, Full length mirror, & props table.
  • 4 Alien Bee 800 Strobe Lights
  • Trigger & Receivers
  • Light Modifiers (Soft boxes, PLMs, Reflectors, Gels, Beauty Dishes, etc.)
  • Props (Chairs, Stools, Couches, Tables and Misc. Small Props)

Do you set up the lights for us?

We provide the venue, lights, modifiers, and props. The rest is up to you! We do NOT set up the lights for your shoot. We suggest googling some lighting setups before you get here. Good luck!

If it's your first time we will teach you how to set up the trigger & receivers and show you how to attach & detach the modifiers. There is always staff to help troubleshoot any equipment problems.

I can't put in a sameday/next day reservation. What's up with that?

Our system doesn’t allow booking requests within 16 hours of the current time. This ensures we have staff at the studio during your shoot. We’re happy to accept same day and next day bookings, please call the studio to schedule your reservation.

We will be shooting a Music Video. Which studio is best?

Studio C is the best (and ONLY) option when shooting a music video at Union 206 Studios. It has plenty of room at 1200sqft, the loading dock directly into the studio, and is the most sound resilient. This studio was designed to accomodate dancing.

We are going to be recording audio. Is your studio sound proof?

We are not a sound stage facility. Noise will travel between the studios including through the walls and the common areas. You may hear music or talking from the other studios. The other shoots have a right to talk and play music. Asking them to turn down their music or not talk would be disruptive to their shoot. We highly recommend renting out the full venue; you’ll be able to control all interior noise including music, A/C, and heat. Full terms and conditions apply if a cancellation is necessary.

What if I still make a reservation with 1 studio and am recording audio?

We highly suggest renting the full venue. If you only rent 1 or 2 studios, you will be at the mercy of the other shoots going on. They are allowed to play music and talk during their shoot.

Every shoot is different and what is listed below may not work for your project. What has worked best for other audio shoots:

  • Rent the full venue
  • Use lapel microphones instead of boom or on camera microphones.
  • Schedule your shoot Monday - Friday.
  • Shoot in the Morning.
  • Come in for a Studio Tour to see the venue and do a quick audio test.

Even following the aforementioned suggestions this does not guarentee an uninturrupted audio experience. Full terms and conditions apply if a cancellation is necessary.

I plan on using Mud, Glitter, Confetti, Paint, Water, etc. What is the procedure?

The studio is happy to host many creative projects. You guessed it! Please give us a call PRIOR to making your reservation. We typically approve most “messy” shoots. Excessive cleaning or damage will result in a fee of $150+.

How many people can I have on set?

Studio A & C can comfortably hold about 10 people. Studio B can comfortably hold about 4 people. If you plan on having 10 or more people total for your shoot give us a call PRIOR to making your reservation. We typically allow large shoots, but want to make sure it will be a success!

The rule of thumb is Everyone on set should have a job. We have found that additional family and friends who are just around for watching can inhibit a successful shoot.

I need schedule a shoot earlier or later than your hours of operation.

Please give the studio a call during our office hours to schedule we’ll be happy to work with you to create a reservation that does not fall within our normal studio hours. Alternatively, submit a request through our contact us email form. These will be handled on a case by case basis and additional fees may apply.

I need to reschedule my reservation.

Union 206 Studio’s does not reschedule shoots less than 15 days from the original shoot date. Please view our full terms of use and cancellation policy at www.union206.com.

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be sent to booking@union206.com. You can do this by filling out our Contact us email form. Please include the Name on the reservation, date, & time. Cancellations are from the start time of the reservation. If you cancel:

  • 15 days or more we will credit 100% (less taxes & fees) of your total reservation to your account.
  • Less than 15 days and more than 48 hours, we will credit 50% of your total to your account (less taxes & fees).
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your reservation you will be responsible the full amount and no credit will be issued. Percentages are based on the total amount of the reservation.


What is the Membership?

Our membership has a 12 month minimum contract. We have 2 different payment options: monthly (pay each month for 12 months) or annually (pay for 12 months up front) and receive a 10% discount. Our monthly membership rate is $19.99 per month + tax. Our annual membership rate is $215.89 + tax. Both membership options auto renew at the end of the contract.

See our terms of use for more details.

Can I share an account with someone?

Memberships are offered to one person or one company and are not allowed to be shared.

How do I cancel my membership?

Our membership has a 12 month minimum contract. Once you complete your original contract you can cancel your membership submit an email to booking@union206.com including your full name on the account. Send us your cancellation email 7 days prior to your last month.


How do I pay for my membership or reservation?

We accept all major credit/debit cards for memberships. Online reservations require a credit/debit card or account credit if you have any. Reservations made in person can be paid in cash, credit/debit. We do not accept checks or PayPal.

How do I update my card on file?

You can update your personal information including your credit/debit card on file for both your membership payments and shoots at any time. Please give us a call at 202.567.7206!

Can my client pay for the reservation?

Union 206 Studios is committed to keeping your information safe! The card used to pay for the reservation must match the name on the account. We suggest you have your client pay you first then you submit the reservation and payment with your information.