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By submitting your application, you are entering a chance to be featured on Union 206's social media platforms.

Please download and submit your application to:

The process includes the following steps:

  1. Review & Process Application
  2. Select Member to be Featured
  3. Prep & Send out Marketing 

Please note that not all applicants are accepted into this program

Applicants can be denied at any time during the application process.

Featured Member Program


Union 206's Featured Member Program is a program designed to recognize the amazing photography talent that our members have. Each month, we select and and promote the work of one studio member by highlighting their photography.  

There is no charge for members to apply.

Thank you for your interest in being part of Union 206's Featured Member Program! Please review the following guidelines in order to apply:


  • Entries will be accepted on a rolling basis.
  • A New Member will be selected each month.
  • Only Members with accounts in good standing will be selected.



  • Images Not shot in the Studio
  • Videos/Films of any kind
  • Obscene or graphic content
    • Pornography
    • Spread or Vulgar Positions
    • Racism, Sexism, etc.


  • Images shot in the studio
  • Most genres including
    • Fine Art Nudes
    • Implied Shots

(Rule of thumb is if it's FB-friendly)


1. Review & Process applications

A. Applications MUST be completed in Full to be deemed Acceptable
     - Completed Image Release Form
     - Completed Bio Form
     -  6+ Images both in Portrait and Landscape

B. Sort into: Acceptable or Unacceptable

C. Select Member to be Featured
     - Contact Member via Email
     - Reach out via Phone if no response within 72 hours
     - If member is not reachable a Follow up Member will be selected.

D. Prep & Send out Marketing
- Mailchimp Newsletter
- Website
- Facebook
-  Instagram 

Thank you and Good Luck,
Union 206 Studios