Travelling Model - October 1st-10th 2017

Ryan Leigh

5'4" | 130lbs | 36B-29"-36" | Long Blonde Hair | Hazel Eyes | Implied Nudity | $125 per hour

I wanted to be a photographer and was learning camera/lighting settings and practicing on myself (Before selfies were selfies :p) And was posting images online and someone approached me telling me I should make a model mayhem account. I threw up some pictures and here we are ten years later!  My favorite part of modeling is meeting super awesome people from all around the world and getting to play dress up. What little girl didn't play dress up?! I like shooting everything, really. But I do have a Pintrest list of awesome stuff I aspire to do one day. I have Great Danes, and I'll probably talk about them the whole time. I can do aerial silks and lyra and even have my own that I travel with!  

Note: I did have a giant tumor removed from my back January 4th. That scar takes up half of my left side of my back. I also wear a nude colored pain patch. I change it every week so it moves locations non my body. I also have four time laparoscopy scars on my stomach now. 

Book Ryan while she is our Travelling Model & receive 20% off your shoot!

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Payment for model is separate from your Studio Booking